Our Mission

Santa Fe Gold Corporation (OTCBB:SFEG) intends to establish itself as a major player in the precious metals mining field. The Company’s goal is to produce significant cash flow from precious metals holdings while creating a portfolio of high quality exploration and bankable development projects that will ensure future revenue growth.

Now Watch Us Grow!

As we acquire and develop a portfolio of high grade gold deposits, mines and other resources and begin production soon.

Chairman Brian Adair adds $600k investment in SFEG to $1 Million for 2019 Bringing his total investement in Santa Fe Gold to $2.1 Million
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Santa Fe Gold to Release Completed Annual and Quarterly Reports Pending Final Review by Auditors to be Fully Up to Date
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Management’s initial goal is to produce between 50 to 100 tons of gold and silver siliceous vein material per day from the Jim Crow Mine and increase to an aggregate 500 tons per day from several mines in the foreseeable future.
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Santa Fe Gold Ranked Ninth in List of US Mid-Tier and Junior Gold Companies
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