World’s Largest Refiners in Switzerland Are Reporting Having to Pay Very Big Premiums for Gold and Silver

Due to shortages, Swiss refiners have to pay premiums to buy gold.

Swiss refiners in recent weeks have, at times, had to pay premiums to buy gold due to shortages. So no one should believe the paper price has anything to do with the real gold and silver markets. “Gold is nearing a key inflection point when the truth will hit this market.” This was actually first published on December 18, 2016. The exact low of the market was accurately pinpointed December 15 at $1,123.30 which was close to our first entry point buy on Gold. Fund Manager Ned Naylor-Leyland and others are saying a 3 to 10 year Gold bull market is unfolding… These momentum proxy MAs (Moving Averages) have only crossed 4 times before in last 25 yrs and each time have been very accurately predictive of 3 – 10 yrs of subsequent market direction.